Flensted Mobiles - Life & Thread

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Flensted Mobiles - Life & Thread

A globe between night and day, between heaven and earth. A large mobile perfect to hang over a sofa or a bed.

Extra "leaves" are added in the box:
A grey "leaf", can replace the red one,
a lightgrey, can replace the blue one, 
and a white can replace the yellow one.

Flensted Mobiles

Flensted Mobiles is a family business: in 1953 Christian Flensted made his first mobile to celebrate the christening of his daughter - He cut out three storks, mounted them in two straws, and the first Flensted Mobile was made! 

A Flensted Mobile is made from a perfect combination of love, dedication and quality, bringing a unique design into your home - and helping you to unwind at the same time!

Product Information

70 x 125 cm
Serigraphical foil material
Designed by Ole Flensted

Shipping Information

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