Hey Studio Merlion T-shirt (Kids)
Hey Studio Merlion T-shirt (Kids)
Hey Studio Merlion T-shirt (Kids)

Gallery & Co.

Hey Studio Merlion T-shirt (Kids)


Gallery & Co. seeks to democratise art and design through collaborations with Singaporean and international brands, artists and designers. The Artist Project invites a diverse mix of creative talents across the fields of art, graphic design and illustration to craft a visual response to a given theme.

About the Artist

Hey is a graphic design and illustration studio based in Barcelona, and they work on finding visual solutions according to the needs of clients. Their style is defined by geometry, colour, typography and bold graphics; a stamp which they also carry over into their personal projects, some of which allows them to break down creative barriers.

Merlion: The whole creative project Hey & Co. seeks to show the most joyful and visual version of Singapore. The Merlion is an icon of Singapore, and represents the origins of island, where several fishing villages were seated. That way, this illustration emphasises the multicultural nature of Singapore as part of Hey's Fusion series.


2-3 years: measures 11" PTP, 15" Down
4-5 years: measures 12" PTP, 15.5" Down
6-7 years: measures 12.5" PTP, 16.5" Down
8-9 years: measures 13" PTP, 17" Down

100% cotton