The Artist Project 1.0 - Sookoon Ang 'WALK' Tea Towel
The Artist Project 1.0 - Sookoon Ang 'WALK' Tea Towel

The Artist Project 1.0 - Sookoon Ang 'WALK' Tea Towel


The Artist Project 1.0: Siapa Nama Kamu?

Gallery & Co. seeks to democratise art and design through collaborations with Singaporean and international brands, artists and designers. The Artist Project invites a diverse mix of creative talents across the fields of art, graphic design and illustration to craft a visual response to a given theme.

Siapa Nama Kamu?” or, “What is your name?” in Malay, is the title of the inaugural exhibition at the DBS Singapore Gallery. As the history of art in Singapore moves towards the future, it becomes clear that this story is hardly finished. 

The products in this first exclusive capsule collaboration are usable and wearable forms of art created by artists and designers as a contemporary take on what Singapore means to them.


About the Artist

Sookoon Ang lives and works in Singapore & France. The artist has constantly and precisely built a body of work that can be described as monumental. The association of seemingly contradictory materials and ideas produces meaningful layers of interpretation and constantly invite the viewer to project his/her own. Sookoon Ang’s creations are tied together through a subtle exploration of the human psyche that surpasses the complaisance of an artistic style. Her works are open in the sense of Umberto Eco's understanding of an artist's decision to leave arrangements of some components of the work undefined in order to encourage an interactive dialogue between the viewer and the object.

This scuplture is part of a series of sculpture produced using plasticine. Working with plasticine now came from playing with plasticine with my sisters as children. Growing up, we didn’t have many toys and plasticine was cheap and available from either neighborhood general stores or school bookshops. While both my parents worked, as children my sisters and I spent school vacations playing plasticines at home.


47 x 70 cm
100% linen
Limited Edition of 50 pieces


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