Singapore has a splendid collection of art galleries and museums not to be missed by any tourist. If you still expect old portraits and carved sculptures, the city is booming with countless contemporary art galleries with a new outlook in every building. Check out the varieties of the galleries you can plan this holiday to cover all across the city!

Galleries with visitor’s interaction¬†

Not all tourists are aware of the art and its concept, where you might need a guide to walk you through the contemporary ideas reflected in the paintings. While you can find galleries usually calm and quiet, the tourist attractions of Singapore offer many visitor discussions and events.

Gajah Gallery caretakers interact with the visitors for discussions and guide tours to enlighten them about the real art. In workshops cum galleries like STPI Gallery, you can find many local artists or international experts working on new projects. They often have guest events promotional exhibitions to enjoy with a talk.

Many galleries like Supernormal also support various art forms like music and drama. You can look for their calendar events and visit at the best time to enjoy a great show and exhibition.

Art Galleries

Galleries with 2D and 3d visual art

Painting on canvas, cloth, wood, and glass is the most highlighted in modern contemporary galleries. Along with them, you can also expect 3D sculptures, innovative designs, and fusion art with embossed paintings.

Mizuma Gallery is a hub of Asian art reflecting the principles of culture and society in sculpture and painting forms. Wall arts, fusion paintings with diverse ideas, and new creativity are tons to explore in Yavuz Art Gallery. Instead of framed paintings hung on the walls, the entire gallery seems immersed with large projections of art and craft.

If you wish for art in a single theme, you can enjoy the Red Dot Design Museum with the best Sci-Fi ideas, and Art Porter’s Gallery is the best for kid’s entertainment and cheerful art.

Collection of emerging global talents

Singaporean galleries don’t restrict their exhibits to Asian and local culture, as you can find some fine international work emerging in different countries. Future Perfect Gallery of Gillman Barracks grounds house the best Australian and Asian art launched globally. Pearl Lam Galleries of the same Barracks grounds house Chinese art reflecting the tradition and religion of the land.

If you are interested in western art from Italy, the Parkview Museum should be your sure visit. European culture with a principled reflection of western culture is the main attraction of the international Barnadas Huang Gallery, where you can explore futuristic ideas and advanced generation’s views as colorful paintings.

Art Galleries

Contemporary along with a vintage glimpse

Art has never changed its principles, but reflecting ideas develop constantly. If you wish to experience a transition in the ideas, you can visit the Opera Gallery to explore the late 20th century visionaries and Picasso’s art along with contemporary art. National Singaporean Art Gallery also has an extensive collection of colonial art work to take you back in the time.

Lion City Singapore is a hub of art and culture where the galleries house many art forms in a single place. Fantastic fascinations of tourists and artists alike, make sure to enjoy all when you visit the city.